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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinfantryin‧fan‧try /ˈɪnfəntri/ noun [uncountable]  PMAsoldiers who fight on foot an infantry regiment cavalry
Examples from the Corpus
infantryThe Jacobites, with 800 horse and 6300 infantry, easily outnumbered Argyll's 960 dragoons and 2200 foot soldiers.Women are now barred from infantry and armored units.The army was a mainly infantry force, with a light cavalry screen, supported by a strong artillery arm.What was wrong was that it should never have been conducted by mechanized infantry.The photographers stormed the railing and took aim like a starved infantry picking off fish from a bridge.Seven hundred Swabian infantry joined him, raised by Frederic of Lorraine, the Pope's chief lieutenant.The long roll was beaten among the infantry regiments in every direction.The infantry were peasants, coddled, soft and fat.