Topic: ARMY

Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: infanterie, from Old Italian infanteria, from infante 'boy, soldier', from Latin infans; INFANT1


in‧fan‧try [uncountable]
PMA soldiers who fight on foot:
an infantry regiment
cavalryWORD FOCUS: army WORD FOCUS: army
similar words: armed forces, the military, the services

people in the army: soldier, troops, infantry, G.I. AmE old-fashioned, squaddy British English

to join the army: join up/enlist

to leave the army: be discharged, desert (without permission)
go A.W.O.L.
(without permission)

to make people serve in the armed forces: call up British English/draft American English

the system of making people serve in the armed forces: conscription, military service, the draft American English, national service British English

relating to the armed forces: military

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