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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlegionnairele‧gion‧naire /ˌliːdʒəˈneə $ -ˈner/ noun [countable]  PMAa member of a legion, especially the French Foreign Legion
Examples from the Corpus
legionnaireWe were learning what it was like to be legionnaires.I went to see the former legionnaire at the pub in Paddington where he was working.He had hired a lawyer in Warsaw, actually the same former captain of legionnaires with whom Minna had threatened Barish Mendl.Beer followed pizza and we looked round the Roman amphitheatre which had been built by Roman legionnaires 1,800 years before.But for today's legionnaires Franco is little more than a footnote.She paid for the Regiment's presents each Christmas and presented them to the legionnaires.