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lootloot2 noun [uncountable]  1 PMAgoods taken by soldiers from a place where they have won a battle syn plunder2 informalSTEAL goods or money that have been stolen syn spoils3 informalGET things that you have bought or been given in large amounts – used humorously Jodie came home from the mall with bags of loot.
Examples from the Corpus
lootIn full view of our cameras, looters calmly walked off with TVs, radios, and VCRs.It was more probable she did not trust me enough to show the buried loot.Oliver turned out his pockets and spread out his loot on the ground.Additional police officers were put on the street to prevent looting.Though depleted by robbery in Thrace on the way home, Vulso's loot astonished the Romans for its size and quality.I'd love to win the lottery and take home all that loot.Two weeks later, police found the loot hidden in an abandoned warehouse.The £1,000 worth of gifts were part of the loot taken in a raid on a courier depot at Leicester.Virgil had cut the same for Glover, who had grabbed up burlap to hold his share of the loot.The gunman stuffed the loot into a paper bag and ran outside to a waiting car.