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mustermuster2 noun  1 pass muster (as something)2 [countable] literaryPMAGROUP OF PEOPLE a gathering together of soldiers so that they can be counted, checked etc
Examples from the Corpus
musterMustering was administered by the counts, who were frequently accused of bribery and coercion in the tally of the muster.And now that he had his muster here, what would the king do?What did it matter what the Royal Society thought of H-2, if its mechanism did not pass muster with him?Although they hail from Quebec, the hurdy-gurdy of this ensemble is sure to pass muster with the average colonial.Critically surveying her reflection, she told herself she would pass muster.The schools might not have been able to offer courses that would pass muster.When it came to the physical attributes that Fred plainly valued, Lou Spooner passed muster.