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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishobstacle courseˈobstacle course noun [countable]  1 DSOPREVENTa line of objects which people have to jump over, climb through etc in a race2 PREVENTa series of difficulties which must be dealt with to achieve a particular aim3 PMAan area of land with special equipment that soldiers must run through, climb over etc, as part of their training syn assault course British English
Examples from the Corpus
obstacle courseThe simplest involves racing down a mountain, while the most complicated requires you to perform tricks on an obstacle course.Our picture shows John in full training before surveying the camp obstacle course.But there are strings attached, and a fresh bureaucratic and political obstacle course lies ahead.The parents will enjoy watching their children having fun completing the obstacle course particularly if there are a number of novelty items.The rules to make it through the obstacle course of a day's commute to school are carefully laid out.The Velcro obstacle course will be 40 feet of trouble for those trying to get through it.