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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparatrooperpar‧a‧troop‧er /ˈpærəˌtruːpə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  PMAa soldier who is trained to jump out of a plane using a parachute
Examples from the Corpus
paratrooperWhen the violence increased, a request was made for federal troops and 4,700 paratroopers arrived in Detroit that evening.I told them that there was no doubt in my mind but that I wanted to be a paratrooper.In the early morning of May 18, police manning barricades were replaced by army paratroopers who opened fire with machine guns.Also patron of battle, the dead, grocers, paratroopers, police officers, and radiologists.Or that wicked sidearm delivery that turned right-handed hitters who liked to dive into pitches into paratroopers.On Thursday, the rioting had almost completely subsided and the paratroopers left on Saturday.As a young paratrooper he had fought in the north against the Kurdish rebels.