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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpicketpick‧et1 /ˈpɪkɪt/ noun [countable]  1 BEL a) when a group of people stand or march in front of a shop, factory, government building etc to protest about something or to stop people from going in during a strike There was a mass picket (=one involving a lot of people) by students outside the main office of the university.picket of They organized a picket of the power station. b) BELa person or the group of people involved in a picket The pickets persuaded some drivers not to enter the factory. flying picket2 PMAa soldier or a group of soldiers with the special duty of guarding a military camp He’s on picket duty tonight.
Examples from the Corpus
picketPro-choice supporters donate money to the clinic for each picket who shows up.Her abrupt removal from the campus sparked student sit-ins and early morning pickets in front of the school.Protesters staged a noisy picket in front of the hotel where the governor spoke.Who now remembers the second Clairol blowing from the picket fence?She was down at the scene of the picket.When he tapped the top of the picket, it creaked sideways and the chain popped loose.Things are quiet on the picket line on this Sunday afternoon.On the picket lines themselves, the police made uncompromising use of the discretion available to them under public-order law.Frank laid out the picket signs on the sidewalk, but nobody wanted to pick them up.I learned how to untie the rope and would push my brother over this picket fence.mass picketThere was also a mass picket by supporters outside the Home Office.Further violent demonstrations by mass pickets led to £525,000 additional fines being imposed.In Nottinghamshire and adjacent Warwickshire and Leicestershire, pits continued to operate, despite physical intimidation by mass pickets.Sit-ins, sit-downs, mass picketing.Events at this picket were to shape the character of the next major mass picket of Hadfields on 12 March.However, on 18 June, a secretly organised mass picket caught the police momentarily off guard.