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regularregular2 noun  1 [countable] informalBBT someone who often goes to the same bar, restaurant etc or who takes part in an activity very often The barman knows all the regulars by name.2 [countable]PMA a soldier whose permanent job is in the army3 [uncountable] American EnglishTTC petrol that contains lead
Examples from the Corpus
regularJoe became a regular on the circuit of social Washington.But regulars are right behind the pink pub.Julie Riley and Paula Wilcox are excellent as the hard-bitten contestant regulars.The chances of recruiting enough regulars seemed slender in the conditions of overfull employment prevailing in Britain in the 1950s.He and the rest of the Grill regulars would gladly grub the stumps out of the town lot with their own hands.Early morning regulars were surprised to find the coffee shop closed.He never played in the same pub twice in the same month; even so, word got around among the regulars.The regulars show up later, after supper.