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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsoldierysol‧dier‧y /ˈsəʊldʒəri $ ˈsoʊl-/ noun [singular, uncountable] old-fashioned  PMAsoldiers
Examples from the Corpus
soldieryCaptain Dean voices the sentiment of centuries of colonial soldiery.Meet the Gentry, their servants, guests, estate workers and the local soldiery.And some, and among them Rhodri Parry, had more dangerous and precious things to hide from the retreating soldiery.Immortalized by the soldiery in the war of 1914-18, Fred Karno's Army lives on as a descriptor of chaotic organization.The hawks could all-too-easily become tempting targets for the soldiery.Since the soldiery could only live by looting, the peasantry were rising out of sheer desperation.Mortimer paused to savour the moment - this was what soldiery was all about, he thought.