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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsquaddysquad‧dy, squaddie /ˈskwɒdi $ ˈskwɑː-/ noun (plural squaddies) [countable]  British English informalPMA a soldier who is not an officer
Examples from the Corpus
squaddyDuring the Gulf War we'd be doing gigs and getting heckled by squaddies, for example.The brunette gift wrapped a bomb and handed it to grateful squaddies on point duty in Northern Ireland.Undeterred, the band went sight-seeing around the various trouble spots, getting their pictures taken besides security gates and confused-looking squaddies.Startled squaddies received Abba tapes and videos from the would-be Santa Claus as he reassured them they were not forgotten.The general staff is unhappy and the squaddies disgruntled, but no more than that.The squaddies had gathered round the body and peered at it as rain sluiced the shattered face.