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Date: 1500-1600
Language: Late Latin
Origin: Greek, 'action, theater plays', from dran 'to do'


dra‧ma W3
1 [uncountable and countable]A a play for the theatre, television, radio etc, usually a serious one, or plays in general [↪ comedy]:
the great traditions of ancient Greek drama
a TV/television/radio drama
the award-winning TV drama 'Prime Suspect'
a new drama series for Saturday nights
a drama critic
a courtroom drama (=one that takes place in a court of law)
a lavish costume drama (=one about events in a past century)
He plays a Russian spy in the comedy drama 'Sleepers'.
2 [uncountable] acting - used when talking about it as a subject to study or teach:
young actors coming out of drama school
our drama teacher
3 [uncountable and countable] an exciting event or set of events, or the quality of being exciting:
Maggie's life is always full of drama.
accidents, burst pipes, and other domestic dramas
a night of high drama (=very exciting events)
the drama of the moment

make a drama out of something

to become upset about a small problem and make it seem worse than it really is:
Brian always makes such a drama out of everything.

drama queen

a woman or homosexual man who tends to behave as if situations are worse than they really are - used to show disapproval
types of film: comedy, romantic comedy, drama, thriller, western, action film, horror film, war film, art house film, silent film, feature film

films that use drawings or models: cartoon, animation, animated film

films in general: cinema

where you go to see a film : cinema British English/movie theater American English, multiplex

the people in a film: actor, actress, star, cast

the people who make a film: director, producer, film crew, cameraman/camerawoman, scriptwriter

the music for a film: soundtrack

the words and the instructions to the actors: screenplay

a short film advertising another film: trailer

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