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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhandicrafthand‧i‧craft /ˈhændikrɑːft $ -kræft/ (also craft) noun [countable usually plural]  1 Aan activity such as sewing or making baskets, in which you use your hands in a skilful way to make things2 something that someone has made in a skilful way using their hands a shop selling handicrafts
Examples from the Corpus
handicraftEducational activities include the various schools and sewing, commercial and handicraft classes.Cue makers can spend from 50 hours to five weeks producing a single cue as they combine handicraft with high tech.The antagonism directed towards photography from the 1860s owes much to the displacement of human handicrafts by machine methods.Others engaged in the domestic production of handicrafts.Emma Lee lives in Liverpool and enjoys reading, handicraft and playing the keyboard.The island used to be a regular stop-off point for ships, and made money by selling handicrafts.Mrs Curdle had learnt this handicraft as a young girl and was an expert.