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mediummedium2 ●○○ AWL noun (plural media /-diə/ or mediums) [countable]  1 TCa way of communicating information and news to people, such as newspapers, television etcmedia Advertising is a powerful medium.2 AWAY/METHODa way of expressing your ideas, especially as a writer or an artistmedium for the novel as a medium for satire the visual media (=painting and films)3 medium of instruction4 medium of exchange5 technicalSUBSTANCE a substance or material in which things grow or exist a good growing medium for tomatoes6 technicalHPT a substance through which a force travels magnetic media, → a happy medium at happy(8)
Examples from the Corpus
mediumPoetry is the best medium for this sort of thing, he says.Cultivation: Undemanding as to the planting medium it will grow well in unwashed sand.DVDs have quickly become an extremely popular medium for film viewing.But whatever the subject, the mood was predominantly one of escape and the medium one of romance.Either answer is partially correct, as the method of absorption varies with different concentrations of nutrients in the medium.These models were the medium they used to communicate.Add the sugar and increase the speed to medium for five minutes.The transfer medium is magnetic tape.Watercolour is taken to include gouache and bottle artists' colour as well as the traditional transparent medium.medium forthe visual mediaThe novel has always been an excellent medium for satire.growing mediumCultivation: In a growing medium consisting of very little nutrients, the plant will grow producing runners and numerous plantlets.Cultivation: The ideal growing medium for this species would contain substantial quantities of organic detritus and mud or clay.Cultivation: This plant is not very demanding as to its growing medium, and therefore can even be grown in gravel.Cultivation: Very indifferent as to its growing medium, it will even grow in fine gravel or unwashed sand.Ensure the crown just protrudes above the growing medium.But the growing medium of television broadcast something new to worry about in the 1950s.Cultivation: Ideally the growing medium should consist of some amount of clay.