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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoeuvreoeu‧vre /ˈɜːvrə $ ˈʊvrə/ noun [countable usually singular] formal  Aall the works of an artist or writer syn works the oeuvre of Van Gogh
Examples from the Corpus
oeuvreNimbus should be strongly encouraged to embark on the complete oeuvre of Gotschalk with Alan Marks.His entire oeuvre as a photographer fits into a period of 18 short years.This explains why Minton was so fascinated by portraits which during his time at Allen Street more or less dominated his oeuvre.Nearly 30 years on, Faithless testifies to the awesome fertility of his oeuvre.His oeuvre consisted almost entirely of small houses.This migrant painting is hardly the first in the Tucson painter's political oeuvre.As part of the oeuvre of a distinguished practitioner?Hewanted his whole oeuvre to be seen from A to Z without any cuts.