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openingopening2 ●○○ adjective [only before noun]  ABEGINNINGfirst or beginning the opening match of the season the opening chapter of the book the chairman’s opening remarks
Examples from the Corpus
openingHe is opening bat in his school's cricket team and is Bedfordshire Schools' table tennis champion.In the opening chapter, Ramona sits at the breakfast table thinking about the first day of school.The team, yet to be named in full, will play their opening home game against Rome on April 16.Already, he thought, Siward had suffered a little in the opening moves.Then a few days later we had opening night, and I was in my first tuxedo.The opening night of the Folies had been postponed for two days.They reached 38 in that period and the opening partnership blossomed to 85.The audience strongly objected to the opening remarks of the president's speech.the opening round of the tournamentHilary makes a brief appearance in the opening scene, but doesn't have a major part.The relevance of this variant comes earlier in the poem whose opening stanzas call for a painting of Ariadne deserted on Naxos.