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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpastichepas‧tiche /pæˈstiːʃ/ noun  1 [countable]A a piece of writing, music, film etc that is deliberately made in the style of someone or something elseparodypastiche of The film is a pastiche of the Hollywood Wild West.2 [countable]A a work of art that consists of a variety of different styles put together3 [uncountable]A the practice of making a piece of writing, music, film etc using the style of something else or using a variety of different styles
Examples from the Corpus
pasticheBut this is quite clearly a pastiche by two journalists desperate to match the efforts of rival newspapers.Without the space, though, the rendering might be an ill-conceived pastiche.As writer of a straight historical crime book you can, however, learn something from pastiches.And one of these hands may wield the instrument of pastiche.They sat at separate tables and waited until the band started its last set with a synthesised pastiche of Hello Dolly.pastiche ofJong's novel is a pastiche of journals, letters, and interviews.