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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpreviewpre‧view1 /ˈpriːvjuː/ noun [countable]  1 Aan occasion when you can see a film, play, painting etc before it is shown to the publicpreview of a sneak preview of the new fashions for autumn the press preview of the show (=when people who write for newspapers, television etc could see it)2 a description of a film, television programme, show etc that people will be able to see soon
Examples from the Corpus
previewThe appearances are viewed as a preview of a possible Gore 2000 campaign.Last night's speech provides a preview of the campaign ahead.This afternoon there was a preview from from a few old favorites.Rare is the production these days that lets critics in without the benefit of at least half a dozen previews.Squads of police guarded previews for journalists and VIPs.There was a small reception after the Tuesday night preview.Grade schoolers attending a sneak preview found this stuff hysterically funny.Reactions have varied, but it's universally agreed that the preview is way too unstable and slow for everyday use.sneak previewGrade schoolers attending a sneak preview found this stuff hysterically funny.But we have come in from the cold to bring back a sneak preview.Turn to page 45 for a sneak preview of the cover.It's been great for me, getting a sneak preview of all these clothes without leaving my office.Gareth Furby's been given a sneak preview.That can often include a sneak preview of productions bound for London's West End.To give him his due, Sorley had picked a good place for his sneak preview of Patterson's mail.Democrats said the McCollum-Zeliff charges were an incomplete sneak preview of conclusions expected when their committees have completed a full report.