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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproducepro‧duce1 /prəˈdjuːs $ -ˈduːs/ ●●● S1 W1 verb [transitive]  1 causeCAUSE to cause a particular result or effectproduct New drugs are producing remarkable results. a rise in sea level produced by climatic change As a policy, it did not produce the desired effect.2 create/makeTI to make, write etc something to be bought, used, or enjoyed by peopleproduct, production The factory produces an incredible 100 cars per hour. How did you manage to produce a meal so quickly? mass-producedsee thesaurus at make3 make naturallyCAUSEMAKE to grow something or make it naturallyproduct, production This region produces the grapes used in champagne. Plants produce oxygen.4 showSHOW/LET somebody SEE something if you produce an object, you bring it out or present it, so that people can see or consider it When challenged, he produced a gun. They were unable to produce any statistics to verify their claims.5 play/filmA if someone produces a film or play, they find the money for it and control the way it is madeproducer Costner produced and directed the film.6 babyMB to give birth to a baby or young animals An adult cat may produce kittens three times a year.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
produceDuring the argument, one of the men produced a knife.The man fired from the car window when he was asked by a police officer to produce a license for the weapon.Anthea felt pressure from the family to produce a son.Walsh produced a static listing at first, updating it once a month.Failure to produce a valid insurance certificate may result in criminal prosecution.Its bite produces a worm which swells up the blood vessels, causing ulcers and, in the worst cases, blindness.The stomach produces acids which help to digest food.Poisonous gases are produced by improperly burned fuel.They produce cheap goods for export to the United States.The defendants were able to produce documents showing they were the legal heirs.Carbon dioxide is produced during respiration.A ledger was produced from within the desk, its pages blue-ruled, like a composition book.a factory that produces high-quality steelIf only a single copy is needed then it is logical to produce it on the page printer.The region produces most of the state's corn.Aaron Spelling has produced numerous hit TV shows.Any herbs that are added are also organically produced on the farm.The dairy produced over 1500 tonnes of butter per year.The company produces over 200 sewing machines a month.The drug is known to produce severe side effects in some people.Kuleto's Bakery produces some of the finest pastries in town.Very few artists are producing the kind of original work Larson is.The electrodes intersect at each pixel to produce the required activation voltage.Nuclear power plants produce twenty percent of the country's energy.Cancer is destroying his body's ability to produce white blood cells.produce the desired effectBy 1900 it must have been increasingly obvious that the policies of Frederick and Bismarck were not producing the desired effect.In order to produce the desired effect of losing weight permanently, you must alter your eating habits.