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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproductionpro‧duc‧tion /prəˈdʌkʃən/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 [uncountable]TIMAKE the process of making or growing things to be sold, especially in large quantitiesproduce, productproduction of the production of consumer goodsfood/oil/milk etc production agricultural production and distributionproduction costs/facilities/processes etc high-tech production methodsbe in production (=being produced) By September, the new motors were in production.go into/out of production (=begin to be produced in large numbers, or stop being produced) The new model will go into production next year.2 [uncountable] the amount of goods that are made or grownincrease/rise/fall etc in production a drop in oil and gas productionproduction levels/targets etc3 [uncountable] when something is produced through a natural processproduction of the skin’s natural production of oil4 [countable, uncountable]APERFORM a play, film, broadcast etc that is produced for the public, or the process of producing it the new Shakespeare production at the Arts Theatre In 1992, Green moved into video production.5 on/upon (the) production of something
Examples from the Corpus
productionRather, they affect production through their influence on labour quality and, to a lesser extent, labour quantity.He will star in the Los Angeles production of "Phantom of the Opera' this year.A second explanation is that antibiotic production is rooted in the plant material that is the food source.As demand for the drug has grown, cocaine production has skyrocketed.Companies may intensify production, improve productivity or reduce output - all of which tend to reduce employment.But as they go into production the stock exchanges go into free fall.The Riverside Theatre is used to staging major productions.At present the factory has one production line running with a yearly capacity of 25,000 tonnes.the body's production of white blood cellsthe Northside Theater Company's production of "A Christmas Carol"Have you seen the new Shakespeare production at the Arts Center?Steel production has decreased by thirty-four percent.The last two columns give the production and export rates in 1975 in million tons.Most caustic soda is used in the production of aluminium.Thankfully, this production receives a kinder, gentler updating.Bulmers will be making around 40 million gallons of cider this year -- half Britain's total production.be in productionOtherwise we hear the Alpha chips are in production as are certain of the Alpha machines.The chips are in production and reports from the field indicate that Sun's next-generation Viking-based boxes are already installed at sites.By 1973 it was in production and selling at a good profit to Jensen for the new Jensen-Healey.At any time approximately 200 printing jobs are in production.By the end of 1978 nine were in production and several more on course for development.The antennas are going up, wireless phones are in production, and the hype has begun.production levels/targets etcManagers long cushioned by state intervention become driven by production targets, not by the test of the market.Factories were ordered to cut production levels and road repairs were halted in an effort to cut traffic jams.The reason for this is that the renewal of fixed capital is normally to maintain existing production levels.The task of maintaining existing production levels has therefore come to consume a higher and higher share of national output.The demand for higher production levels leads to more formal manufacturing methods and some special process plant is justified.The company had assured these would be the last cuts because of lower production levels, he said.Prewar production levels were not regained until the early 1950s, and not until even later were 1930s agricultural productivity levels exceeded.He set the wage levels, the production targets, the safety standards, and he really planned the whole industry.