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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrealisticrea‧lis‧tic /rɪəˈlɪstɪk/ ●●○ S3 adjective  1 SENSIBLEjudging and dealing with situations in a practical way according to what is actually possible rather than what you would like to happen opp unrealisticit is not realistic to do something It’s just not realistic to expect a promotion so soon.realistic about You need to be realistic about the amount you can do in a day.see thesaurus at possible2 a realistic aim or hope is something that it is possible to achieve opp unrealistic Is this a realistic target? I don’t think they have a realistic chance of winning.3 Arealistic pictures or stories show things as they are in real life a realistic portrayal of life in Victorian BritainCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a realistic aim or hope is something that it is possible to achievenounsa realistic chance/prospectWe felt we had a realistic chance of beating England.a realistic option/alternativeWe do not believe there is any realistic alternative.a realistic goal/targetSet realistic goals for yourself.a realistic expectationThere are no realistic expectations of improvement.a realistic figure/priceA more realistic figure for energy saving would be 20 percent.a realistic solutionCompromise is the only realistic solution.
Examples from the Corpus
realisticOver the course of the preoperational stage, children increasingly attempt to represent things through drawings and their efforts become more realistic.A lot of people like paintings to look realistic.The game's 3-D graphics are amazingly realistic.We want to play in the championships, but right now that's not very realistic.But he believed that the subsequent provisions for bad debts on commercial loans were realistic.To make it as realistic as possible, more than 200 extras had to be employed for the two-day shoot.The second departure is concerned with more realistic assumptions about production.The book includes some very realistic descriptions of life during the war.realistic goalsIn such situations, hopes for a less active, more cautious and realistic, less expansive foreign policy were slim.Planning your dream home? You can build a more realistic model with our new 3-D kit.But the next hurdle will be putting realistic plates on the surface.The only realistic question that poses itself is whether Britain can help to determine the how and the when of reunification.a realistic television dramaWe think we have been more realistic than cynical.realistic aboutParents need to be realistic about their child's attention span.realistic chanceWhy Forbes thought that he stood a realistic chance of success this year is a question that baffled observers.Robert Carnwath feared that the Act was so confused that we could not go to court with a realistic chance of winning.So do Portsmouth have any realistic chance of winning?In this way, we lost any realistic chance to reaffirm the essential truth of John Prescott's commitment.