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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrehashre‧hash /riːˈhæʃ/ verb [transitive]  1 ACOPYto use the same ideas again in a new form that is not really different or better – used to show disapproval He simply rehashed the same story.2 to repeat something that was discussed earlier, especially in an annoying way This issue has been rehashed so many times already.rehash /ˈriːhæʃ/ noun [countable] It was just a rehash of last year’s show.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
rehashIf not done right, it could end up as an old story too often rehashed.Predictably, the styling rework has done the look of the 911 no favours: rehashing a beautiful original rarely does.The committee members just rehashed arguments made weeks before.Admittedly, I went with the pre-conceived notion the show would be a tepid rehashing of old material.On the radio, the same things get hashed and rehashed, over and over, day after day.I get the feeling that Smith rehashed parts of his life for the movie.Every story like this gives the news media the opportunity to rehash the old material.Incumbents busy raising money for the next election are not inclined to waste energy rehashing the rules of the last campaign.