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romanticromantic2 noun [countable]  1 LOVEsomeone who shows strong feelings of love and likes doing things that are related to love such as buying flowers, presents etc2 PERFECTsomeone who is not practical, and bases their ideas too much on an imagined idea of the world opp realist a romantic who longed for adventure3 (also Romantic)ABO a writer, painter etc whose work is based on romanticism
Examples from the Corpus
romanticI'm a romantic who likes picnics and candlelight dinners.Unlike many of his dancers, Horton was a romantic rather than an ideologue.Jeanne Tripplehorn pairs with Dylan McDermott in this comedy about a ridiculous romantic and an utter realist brought together by destiny.Against the sensuality of the romantic, Berlin offered the sobriety of the realist.Whatever hurts he had suffered in the past, with his Leo open-heartedness, he was one of nature's true romantics.Struggling with this recalcitrant material, the director, an unreconstructed romantic, slapped on the atmosphere with a lavish hand.