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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishroyaltyroy‧al‧ty /ˈrɔɪəlti/ noun (plural royalties)  1 [uncountable]PGO members of a royal family At school the other children treated them like royalty.2 [countable usually plural]APAY FOR a payment made to the writer of a book or piece of music depending on how many books etc are sold, or to someone whose idea, invention etc is used by someone else to make money the royalties from his latest book royalty payments
Examples from the Corpus
royaltyHe receives a royalty of 2% on each card sold.Coal mined underground generates an 8 percent gross royalty.Monsanto will charge seed companies a handsome royalty to immunize their seed.He loved royalty, caste, empire.As a result, publishers have few costs to charge writers and composers against their publishing royalties.Simon's royalties for the book will go to charity.If their copyright music becomes a record and is sold, royalties become due.Nowadays record companies use impeccable accounting techniques, assisted by computers, to calculate the royalties for composers.She herself was now treated like visiting royalty when she went anywhere.The princess: She was very good and cleaned and cooked for her brothers in their cottage even though she was royalty.treated ... like royaltyMedal winners will receive large cash prizes from the government and be treated like royalty.At school the other children treated them like royalty.The A list is a privileged lot that is treated like royalty and given the utmost respect.Wherever she went, she was mobbed; whenever she traveled, she was treated like royalty.