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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishswansongswan‧song /ˈswɒnsɒŋ $ ˈswɑːnsɒːŋ/ noun [countable]  ADSthe last piece of work that an artist or writer produces, or the last time someone gives a performance This concert will be her swansong.
Examples from the Corpus
swansongLet's hope this proves to be an introduction rather than her swansong.Robin's holiday, a marital swansong as it turned out, ran smoothly.But even he wouldn't have dared to dream up this kind of swansong to his long football life.But supporters who didn't apply through the proper channels could find themselves missing out on Billy Bingham's swansong match.Penelope Fitzgerald's swansong simply shows up reviewing as an inefficient mechanism.But an idea by Gloucester City Council could mean that this is Peter's swansong.The Christmas rumpus led to unfair and short-sighted predictions that it was the swansong in Frank McAvennie's eventful career.