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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrilogytril‧o‧gy /ˈtrɪlədʒi/ noun (plural trilogies) [countable]  Aa series of three plays, books etc that are about the same people or subject part 2 of a trilogy
Examples from the Corpus
trilogyI think a writer who's as much in love with words as you are has a trilogy in him.Say a trilogy about magic, the power of words.In fact, the dance-opera is the last of what he thinks of as a Cocteau trilogy.A fantasy trilogy, that's what you said.Coppola was also the director of "The Godfather" trilogy.Language and the nature of narrative imagination thus become central subjects of the trilogy.The trilogy will include previously unreleased footage as well as new visual effects and an enhanced soundtrack.Eno describes David's first adventure into the world of cybernetics and the making of their trilogy of albums.The other two works in the Volkogonov trilogy, on Lenin and Trotsky were later published by HarperCollins.