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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_235_gsignsign1 /saɪn/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 gives information [countable]SIGN/SYMBOL a piece of paper, metal, or wood with words or a picture that gives people information, warnings, or instructions a sign on the door road signs a no smoking sign Don’t ignore the fog warning signs.2 shows something is true [countable]SIGN/INDICATION an event, fact etc that shows that something is happening or that something is true or exists syn indicationsign of A red morning sky is a sign of an impending storm. Crying is seen as a sign of weakness. A paw print in the dust was a sign that a tiger was close. There are signs that the situation is improving. There were no signs of forced entry into the house.3 movement or sound [countable]SIGN/GESTURE a movement, sound etc that you make in order to tell someone something the thumbs-up sign (=a sign that you make with your hand to show that something is successful)give/make a sign Wait until I give the sign.sign that Bruce made a sign that he was ready to leave.sign (for somebody) to do something Three short blasts on the whistle was the sign to begin.4 symbol [countable]SIGN/SYMBOL a mark or shape that has a particular meaning syn symbol the dollar sign a minus sign5 star sign [countable] (also star sign)ROA a group of stars, representing one of 12 parts of the year, that some people believe influences your behaviour and your life What sign are you? 6 language [uncountable]SLL a language that uses hand movements instead of spoken words, used by people who cannot hear syn sign language7 there is no sign of somebody/something8 sign of life9 sign of the times10 the sign of the CrossCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: an event, fact etc that shows that something is happening or that something is true or existsADJECTIVES/NOUN + signa clear/obvious/unmistakable signThere are clear signs of a slowdown in economic growth.a sure sign (=a very clear sign)He was walking up and down, a sure sign that he was worried.a good/positive/encouraging/hopeful signIf she can move her legs, that’s a good sign.a bad/ominous signThe jury was taking ages to make up its mind, which he felt was probably a bad sign.an outward/visible sign (=one that people can see clearly)Kim received the news without showing any visible sign of emotion.a warning sign (=one that shows something bad might be happening)In this case, social workers missed the warning signs and failed to protect the children.a telltale/tell-tale sign (=signs that clearly show something bad)She would not look at me directly, a tell-tale sign that she was embarrassed.the first sign of something (=the first thing that shows something is happening, or something exists)They ran off at the first sign of trouble.an early sign (=a sign near the beginning of something that shows that it is happening, or that it exists)an early sign of springverbsthere are signsThere are now signs of an improvement in the economy.have signsIt had all the signs of a crime of passion.show signs of somethingDid she show any signs of distress?bear signs of something (=have signs)The bed was neatly made and bore no signs of having been slept in.see/detect signs of somethingI could see some signs of improvement in her health. THESAURUSsign [countable] an event, fact etc that shows that something is happening or that something is true or existsThe curtains were still drawn and there was no sign of activity.A score of 80 or more is a sign that you are doing very well.indication [countable] a sign. Indication is more formal than signRecently there have been several indications of improving relations.There was no indication the killings were related to the drug trade.evidence [uncountable] facts or signs that show clearly that something exists or is true, especially something that you are trying to proveScientists are hoping to find evidence that there was once life on Mars.There was not enough evidence to convict him of the murder.symptom [countable] a sign that someone has an illness or that a serious problem existsThe first symptoms are tiredness and loss of weight.Is this a symptom of the decay of Western civilization?indicator [countable] a sign that shows you what is happening or what is true – used about a process, or about the state or level of somethingThere are a number of indicators of economic slowdown.The tests are considered a good indicator of intelligence.signal [countable] a sign that shows that you should do something, or that you have a particular attitudeSevere chest pain is a warning signal that cannot be ignored.Legalizing drugs could send the wrong signal to young people.mark [countable] a sign, especially that you respect or honour someonePeople stood in silence as a mark of respect.It was a mark of her popularity that so many colleagues and friends attended the presentation.
Examples from the Corpus
signMardas threw his hands in the air - a sign to his supporters that victory was theirs.He raised his hand in a sign of greeting.If the individual can not feel the tiny pricking sensation, it is a sign of faulty nerve function in the feet.A score of 80 or more is a sign that you are doing very well.Here is one instance of a sign or message being separated from emotion or content.When the teacher puts her finger to her lips, it's a sign for you all to be quiet.A sign was put up in order to remind staff whenever I was on duty.There was a big sign above the entrance.You've forgotten to put the dollar sign before the total amount.Stan has some of the early signs of heart disease.The rise in consumer spending is an encouraging sign that the economy may be recovering.Write your answer after the equals sign.Its first sign is purple marks on the skin, but as it progresses it kills.Therapy should begin when the first signs are noticed.A neon sign flashed on and off in the window.Other new signs posted to describe scenery have been desecrated or struck down.Police searched the house thoroughly but found no signs of a break-in.But this is not what has happened: at least, my data shows no sign of it.Where's the percentage sign on this keyboard?Out in the desert there are hardly any road signs along the highway.Exports are lower, household spending is weakening and businesses show signs of losing faith in their investment plans.Didn't you see the "No smoking" sign?a stop signWhen Emma offers to help you it's a sure sign that she wants something from you!What did that sign say?Turn left and then follow the signs till you get to the freeway.And on this sign, the same mug of beer, yellow and foaming.What's your sign?road signsTakes minutes to drive 6 miles into centre of Bideford due to endlessness of roads and imbecilic road signs.Mammoth road signs do their best to ensure that such oversights do not occur.There are no road signs in uncharted territory, no footprints to follow in places where no one has ventured before.This happened to me on the Seven Mile Straight at recently, a lorry coming in the opposite direction in spite of road signs.Drop the requirement for use of the metric system on road signs.Through our windshields we see road signs and tail-lights-technology has blinkered us.Recently a group of community activists led by Long proposed setting up road signs that would identify it as Citrus Ridge.sign ofDo you see any signs of improvement in her condition?sign (for somebody) to do somethingOnce the men had spoken to the chief, he made a sign for Isaac to address him.He tugged his ear lobe, our agreed sign for the other to remain silent.Several leases have been signed for more stores to open in 1997 and 1998, including Newport Beach and Mission Viejo locations.They talked to each other again, and then the first horse made clear signs for me to follow him.They looked furious when they saw our faces peering in and made frantic signs for us to close the curtains again.