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extraterrestrial in Astronomy topic

extraterrestrialextraterrestrial2 adjective  HArelating to things that exist outside the Earth
Examples from the Corpus
extraterrestrialextraterrestrial explorationAnd Morphix, the extraterrestrial game-show host, sometimes disappears, leaving only a piece of himself on screen.So as the Moon beams down on you this Christmas take it as an extraterrestrial greeting for a happy 1983!And some clues emerged to the motives of the group that seemed focused on reaching for an extraterrestrial haven.Maybe the reason scientists have yet to receive signals from extraterrestrial intelligence is because there isn't any extraterrestrial intelligence sending signals.Since the first acceptance of meteorites as extraterrestrial material in the early 1800s, three major classes of meteorites have been recognized.Since none of these meteorites had been observed to fall, proof of their extraterrestrial origin was impossible.These in turn tend to point to extraterrestrial phenomena.