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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgalacticga‧lac‧tic /ɡəˈlæktɪk/ adjective  HArelating to a galaxyintergalactic
Examples from the Corpus
galacticEstimates of the distance of the galactic centre vary somewhat, but 30000 light-years is not far from the truth.The war was going well for the galactic empire.He wrote tales of plausible galactic empires with impish fun and a fierce belief that scientific knowledge would triumph over ignorance.In every case only one well-known galactic force is involved - gravity.Natural time is defined as cycles of creative constants that interpenetrate all the physical universe from our personal bodies to galactic harmonics.The main maser features may have originated from the slowly rotating disk or from the outflow gas near the galactic nucleus.In the present epoch the systematic red shift of galactic spectra indicates that the Universe is expanding.