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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgalaxygal‧ax‧y /ˈɡæləksi/ ●○○ noun (plural galaxies)  1 HA[countable] one of the large groups of stars that make up the universe2 the Galaxy3 [singular]GROUP OF THINGS a large number of things that are similargalaxy of a galaxy of British artistic talent
Examples from the Corpus
galaxyLane was awarded a galaxy of medals for her bravery.This means in turn that they must be shining almost unbelievably brightly - perhaps 100 or more times than an average galaxy.What was the disappeared galaxy like?But the same is true for galaxy number two; the others have moved away from it.It was quite a surprise, therefore, to find that most galaxies appeared red-shifted: nearly all were moving away from us!Of the two dozen nearest galaxies, only one - the giant spiral Andromeda - is bigger than the Milky Way.And if you have lots of lumps of matter - lots of galaxies, say - you get lots of local curvatures.Surveys of galaxies show large voids with virtually nothing in them, and filaments and walls made up of clusters and superclusters.To see why, think of the two-dimensional rubber balloon universe with pebbles stuck to it to represent the galaxies.