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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlunarlu‧nar /ˈluːnə $ -ər/ adjective  HATTSrelating to the Moon or to travel to the Moon studies of the lunar surface a lunar eclipse
Examples from the Corpus
lunarHis longtime sailboat, named Apogee in honor of his lunar Apollo flight, is for sale.An oversimplified but instructive point can be made by considering the fate of carbohydrates transported to the lunar base from Earth.The prospect of servicing and repairing such equipment under lunar conditions is simply frightening.Figure 6.3 is about the best that can be done with the lunar data at present.In order to separate a lunar effect the team looked at the lunar day, the position of the Moon.the lunar landscapeThe answer is C acceleration. as far away as and four times the lunar mass.About three days later the command, service and lunar module combination arrived at the Moon.