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MercuryMercury noun  HAthe planet that is nearest the Sun Temperatures on Mercury reach as high as 700 K.
Examples from the Corpus
MercuryBoth Mercury and Mars have gravitational fields too low to retain an atmosphere.A similar service is offered via e-mail by a company called Mercury Mail.Whatever markings were seen, they did not shift detectably across the face of Mercury in the course of a night.The shortest arm supports the red globe of Mercury.Radar mapping of Mercury reveals a Moonlike cratered surface and no evidence of an atmosphere or oceans.They had livelier personalities and danced roles such as Diana, goddess of the hunt, or Mercury, messenger of the gods.But with ruler Mercury in direct motion from the 1st, you can make headway.Test flights of the Redstone and Atlas rockets carrying unmanned Mercury capsules were taking place with varying degrees of success.