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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmeteoriteme‧te‧o‧rite /ˈmiːtiəraɪt/ noun [countable]  HAHEa piece of rock or metal from space that has landed on Earth
Examples from the Corpus
meteoriteBut other fireballs and meteorites were to come to the attention of geologists and chemists.The surfaces of these planets were very hot and continually battered by meteorites, which prevented much cooling taking place.It is possible that we have traces of interstellar dust in meteorites.The relative abundances of such volatiles in meteorites does not match those of the three planets.Iron meteorites, the strongest natural projectiles, have crushing strengths of about 3,500 atmospheres.This is remarkably young in comparison with the 4.5 x 109 year age of other meteorites.About 1 percent of all recovered meteorites are the very peculiar carbonaceous chondrite stones.Could the impact of the meteorite with the dome have deflected its path toward the horizontal?