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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishobservatoryob‧ser‧va‧to‧ry /əbˈzɜːvətəri $ əbˈzɜːrvətɔːri/ noun (plural observatories) [countable]  HAa special building from which scientists watch the moon, stars, weather etc
Examples from the Corpus
observatoryAs you say, the place is now an observatory, and seemed quite ideal for my project.The path was built to serve an observatory that functioned at the top of the Ben at the turn of the century.Filling in the log is an evening ritual at all bird observatories.the Griffith ObservatoryThe accuracy of global field models depends on the worldwide network of magnetic observatories.I pressed the button to close the observatory roof and set to work setting up my lights.The shuttle also will nudge the observatory gently into a slighter higher orbit to extend its lifetime.Well-satisfied, and by now very hungry, I walked back to the observatory for breakfast.The priests guarded their secrets well by living highly secluded lives, usually in monasteries adjacent to their observatories.