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orbitorbit2 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 AROUND/ROUNDthe curved path travelled by an object which is moving around another much larger object such as the Earth, the Sun etcorbit around the Moon’s orbit around the Earthin/into orbit The space shuttle is now in orbit. The telecommunications satellite went into orbit at the end of last year.2 POWER formal the area of power and influence of a person, an organization etcwithin the orbit of something countries within the orbit of the British Commonwealth
Examples from the Corpus
orbitA spacecraft passing through its perigee point is moving faster than an equivalent craft on a circular orbit of the same radius.Diplomats want to draw the two republics into the West European orbit.Once in orbit, you are precisely half way to having enough energy to escape from Earth.Mariner 9, with its vastly superior vantage point in orbit around Mars, saw it all.By the time that the third stages engine had shut down the Apollo astronauts were in orbit.That proposal should send federal unions into orbit.From the observed orbit of the visible star, one can determine the lowest possible mass of the unseen object.This final property is useful because it simplifies the calculation of general relativistic orbits.the Moon's orbit around the EarthThe orbit of the Leonid shower has been determined from both photographic and radar observations.in/into orbitThe body in orbit is thus slowed down slightly.The system is not expected to leak while the craft is in orbit and the hydraulics are not in use.Weight was slowly ebbing; the rockets were being throttled back as the ship eased itself into orbit.The station, like any other object in orbit, lost energy through radiating it into space as infra-red electromagnetic radiation.Once in orbit, you are precisely half way to having enough energy to escape from Earth.Then the penalty paid in orbit matching with Mars and Phobos would be much smaller.The programmes are beamed from Anik C, a telecommunications satellite that went into orbit at the end of last year.