Language: Old English


sea S3 W1
1 [singular, uncountable]HEO the large area of salty water that covers much of the earth's surface [= ocean]COLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
calm sea (=without large waves) rough sea(s)/heavy seas (=with large waves) the open sea (=part of the sea far away from land) by sea (=on a ship) by the sea (=on the coast) at sea (=working on ships) out to sea (=away from the land) be lost at sea (=be drowned) go to sea (=go to work on a ship) put to sea (=make a boat go out to sea) seawater seabed/floor (=the land at the bottom of the sea) sea air (=the air at the coast)
Jay stripped his clothes off and ran into the sea.
All the rooms have sea views.
The sea was perfectly calm.
the rough seas and wild winds that buffeted the coast
They headed west toward the open sea.
Most exports went by sea.
a little cottage by the sea
He spent over 30 years at sea.
They stood side by side looking out to sea.
a sailor who was lost at sea
He went to sea when he was eighteen.
The refugees put to sea in five rickety rafts.
Divers have disturbed the sea bed in some areas.
She's out enjoying the sea air.
2 [countable]HEO a large area of salty water that is mostly enclosed by land:
the Mediterranean Sea

sea of something

a very large number of people or things that all look similar:
He looked out at the sea of faces.

(all) at sea

confused or not sure what to do:
Living in a foreign country can mean you're always at sea about what's going on.

the seas

literaryHA the sea - used especially when you are not talking about a particular ocean
across the seas (=far away)
They came from lands across the seas.
6 [countable]HA one of the broad areas that seem flat on the moon and Mars

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