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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsolar systemˈsolar ˌsystem ●○○ noun  1 the solar system2 [countable]HA this kind of system around another star
Examples from the Corpus
solar systemHaving a solar system reflects that lifestyle.We may visualise them as wavelengths and orbits about a nucleus - with some similarity to a miniature solar system.Not long ago I had read that each atom was a sort of solar system.Comets are hunks of dirt and ice with elongated orbits that take them from the outer solar system to near the sun.Many probably pre-date the solar system, having perhaps been protected inside comets.But full acceptance of the importance of large impacts on Earth had to await the exploration of the solar system by spacecraft.A less-contrived example involves the relation between Kepler's theory of the solar system and Newton's.