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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstellarstel‧lar /ˈstelə $ -ər/ adjective [only before noun]  1 HArelating to the stars interstellar2 especially American EnglishGOOD/EXCELLENT extremely good the company’s stellar growth McKellen gave a stellar performance.3 go stellar
Examples from the Corpus
stellarParallax is not the only method of measuring stellar distances.Last year, soaring demand for computer products helped the majority of computer, software and chip companies post stellar earnings.The increase in the incomes of elite workers is only relative; it does not result from their own stellar economic gains.As far as we know, matter on the large scale, and in particular stellar matter, appears to be nearly neutral.From earliest time, mad had concluded that the forces that govern planetary and stellar movements must also control events on earth.Mary was a one-book wonder who failed to live up to her stellar parentage and early promise.These collectors, plus Barbara Johnston, were in any case in the market for the stellar pieces.stellar performanceIf it is because of your stellar performance, perhaps the favoritism indicates that you are a rising star in the organization.