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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishVenusVe‧nus /ˈviːnəs/ noun  HAthe planet that is second in order from the Sun the high surface temperatures of Venus
Examples from the Corpus
VenusCertainly all tastes are catered for at Club Venus.Because it is closer to the Sun than Earth, Venus probably contained less water than Earth.Transit of Venus starts by challenging the quest for paradise, and ends by succumbing to it.Shakespeare himself first makes use of the myth in his poem Venus and Adonis, where, significantly, Adonis rejects Aphrodite.The young - and those with stamina left to spend! - round off the fun at the sound-proofed Venus disco.Finally he observed that Venus showed phases very like those of the Moon, an observation that clinched the Copernican argument.The problem is that when Venus is prominent, you're having to cope with other planetary stresses.