Language: Old English
Origin: cradol


1 noun
1DHB [countable] a small bed for a baby, especially one that moves gently from side to side [↪ cot]:
She rocked the cradle to quieten the child.

the cradle of something

formal the place where something important began:
Athens is often regarded as the cradle of democracy.

from (the) cradle to (the) grave

all through your life:
From cradle to grave, the car marks every rite of American passage.
4 [singular] the beginning of something:
Like most Catholic children, he had heard stories of Ireland from the cradle.
5TBC [countable] a structure that is used to lift something heavy up or down:
a window-cleaner's cradle
6TCT [countable] the part of a telephone where you put the receiver when you are not using it:
She replaced the receiver on the cradle.
cat's cradle

; ➔ rob the cradle

at rob (5)

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