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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpooppoop1 /puːp/ noun  1 [uncountable] American English informalDHBHBH solid waste from the bowels syn poo British English2 [singular] American English informalHBHDHB the act of passing waste from the bowels syn poo British English
Examples from the Corpus
poopWhen I came back, he had pooped on the floor, so I cleaned him up and cleaned the poop.Then the prow guns of the Adorno spoke in unison with those of her poop.They claim to dutifully scoop their own poop, and carefully keep the animals civil towards other park users.The flinty little synthetic poop poop music runs around in my head from last time.I watched her from the poop.Devices like this poop scoop are better suited for domestic use.