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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpushchairpush‧chair /ˈpʊʃ-tʃeə $ -tʃer/ noun [countable]  stroller.jpg British EnglishDHB a small seat on wheels, in which a young child sits and is pushed along syn stroller American English
Examples from the Corpus
pushchairThe undertaker took him in a pushchair like a baby.Theresa is wheeling a pushchair and trying to cope with the twins.Collapsible pushchairs and wheelchairs can be carried in addition to the allowance.My Silver Cross pushchair came from there.I was also pushing a double pushchair, bending over changing nappies and lifting the boys in and out of the car.Three children crying in pushchairs were smacked.People came along the street with their pushchairs.Grass and weeds are growing on to the footway and making it impossible for parents with pushchairs to use if.