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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishstrollerstroll‧er /ˈstrəʊlə $ ˈstroʊlər/ noun [countable]  1 stroller.jpg American EnglishDHB a small chair on wheels, in which a small child sits and is pushed along syn buggy, pushchair British English2 someone who is strolling evening strollers on the promenade
Examples from the Corpus
strollerShe was pushing a stroller that held her eighteen-month-old son, Corey, still wearing his pajamas.A huge choice and plenty of Information Centres for casual strollers or energetic backpackers.They come to us in strollers and with baby bottles.No strollers are allowed on the trails.I could see no tourists or other strollers so quickly cast out a handful of breadcrumbs.They walked on, towards and then past Miss Lavant, and past the other strollers on the promenade.I stopped walking and stared wide-eyed as the rest of the senescent strollers proceeded out of this dimension.Back on the street, Lee-Cruz sullenly pushed the stroller toward the bus stop.