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clearclear2 ●●● S1 W2 verb  1 surface/place [transitive]TIDY to make somewhere emptier or tidier by removing things from it Snowplows have been out clearing the roads.clear something of something Large areas of land had been cleared of forest.clear something from something Workers began clearing wreckage from the tracks. Dad cleared a space (=moved things so there was room) in the garage for Jim’s tools. It’s Kelly’s turn to clear the table (=remove the dirty plates, forks etc).2 remove people [transitive]REMOVE to make people, cars etc leave a place Within minutes, police had cleared the area.clear somebody/something from something Crowds of demonstrators were cleared from the streets.3 crime/blame etc [transitive]INNOCENT/NOT GUILTY to prove that someone is not guilty of something Rawlings was cleared after new evidence was produced.clear somebody of (doing) something Maya was cleared of manslaughter. a long-running legal battle to clear his name Grammar Clear is often passive in this meaning.4 permission [transitive] a) LET/ALLOWto give or get official permission for something to be done He was cleared by doctors to resume skating in August.clear something with somebody Defence policies must often be cleared with NATO allies first. b) LET/ALLOWto give official permission for a person, ship, or aircraft to enter or leave a country The plane took off as soon as it was cleared.5 clear your throat6 weatherDN [intransitive] (also clear up) if the weather, sky, mist etc clears, it becomes better and there is more sun The haze usually clears by lunchtime. 7 liquid [intransitive]SEE if a liquid clears, it becomes more transparent and you can see through it Wait for the water to clear before adding any fish.8 cheque [intransitive, transitive]BFB if a cheque clears, or if a bank clears it, the bank allows the money to be paid into the account of the person whose name is on the cheque9 go over/pastJUMP [transitive] to go over a fence, wall etc without touching it, or to go past or through something and no longer be in it The plane barely cleared the fence at the end of the runway. Edwards cleared 18 feet in the pole vault. The plane cleared Chinese airspace.10 clear a debt/loan11 clear your head/mind12 face/expression [intransitive] literaryWORRIED if your face or expression clears, you stop looking worried or angry She looked embarrassed, but then her face cleared.13 clear the way for something14 skinHEALTHY [intransitive] (also clear up) if your skin clears, red marks on it disappear The rash has finally cleared. 15 clear the air16 clear (something through) customs17 clear the decks18 earn [transitive] informalEARN to earn a particular amount of money after taxes have been paid on it Diane clears £20,000 a year. clear something ↔ away clear off clear out clear up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
clearA good lawyer can clear $250,000 a year easily.Wiley's business clears $300,000 a year.Sandra cleared £50,000 last year.A pin was inserted to stabilize the ligament, and scar tissue from the previous injury had to be cleared.We're hoping that we can clear all our debts by the end of the year.The fog usually clears around noon.The report was cleared by the State Department.Delta 7, you are cleared for takeoff.The area around the palace had been cleared for the parade.After Pagones was cleared in court, he sued his accusers.This cheque should clear my overdraft.Marshall was given his job back after being cleared of accusations that he abused drugs.Jurors took less than a half-hour Thursday to clear professional football star Warren Moon of assaulting his wife.Police cleared the building and carried out a controlled explosion.A jury cleared the company of all criminal charges in connection with the accident.He cleared the first two obstacles, but hit the top of the third.There was a sprinkling of applause as the horses cleared the last fence.So she was asked to undertake an elimination diet, which cleared these symptoms within a week.The weather cleared too, and they were rowed diagonally south-west across the Sound of Sleat.clear something of somethingVolunteers are working to clear the streets of sand, debris, and water.The area was cleared of traffic as a safety precaution.clear somebody/something from somethingTrucks have just finished clearing the wreck from the road.clear somebody of (doing) somethingThe president himself claimed not to be involved and refused to call Carville off, leaving the clear implication of approval.Refreshing Breathing - to clear feelings of stagnation.Spluttering and spitting and brushing at himself he dashed to a clearer part of the hall.The offeror should always have a clear idea of the maximum price he wishes to pay and stick to it.The jury cleared Johnson of the murder.The city government has decided to clear the streets of the unsightly pedicab in the interests of humanity and prestige.Without a clear notion of these two relationships, there may be no opportunity to proceed further.Tom wants to make the effort but lacks a clear understanding of what he is supposed to do.clear something with somebodyI'll have to clear it with my boss first.