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debitdebit2 verb [transitive] technical πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 BFBBFBto take money out of a bank account opp creditdebit something from something πŸ”Š The sum of Β£25 has been debited from your account.2 to record in financial accounts the money that has been spent or that is oweddebit something against/to something πŸ”Š Purchases are debited against the client’s account.β†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
debitβ€’ The amounts are variable and are to be debited annually.β€’ What I found particularly worrying was that the money was debited from the account without even informing me.β€’ How can they debit my account without me signing anything?β€’ It shows that the customer has debited the seller's account with the value of the goods returned.β€’ The total sum is then debited to your Current Account.β€’ The appropriate fee should either accompany the application form, or will be debited to your firm's credit account where appropriate.β€’ Under a Direct Debit, you authorise us to debit your Current Account with the cost when each bill is due.β€’ Please authorise us to debit your account and, where possible, give a day-time telephone number in case of query.debit something from somethingβ€’ The sum of $50 has been debited from your account.