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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeposit accountdeˈposit acˌcount noun [countable] especially British English  BFBa bank account that pays interest on the money that you leave in it syn savings account checking account, current account
Examples from the Corpus
deposit accountDuring the war, of course, gold holdings were requisitioned, and it was replaced by a deposit account at the bank.During the retention period the money should be held in a deposit account.The Toisa offered by Bristol & West is a guaranteed equity bond rather than a deposit account.This can be done, for example, if the company acquires a source of income, such as opening a bank deposit account.He also opened a gold deposit account and at one stage paid in a lot of money.She made a mental note to rifle her deposit account to buy a new one.The simplest option is to build up a lump sum in an ordinary deposit account.If this is between one and four years he suggested the safest route is a simple building society deposit account.