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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoverdrafto‧ver‧draft /ˈəʊvədrɑːft $ ˈoʊvərdræft/ noun [countable] British English  BFBthe amount of money you owe to a bank when you have spent more money than you had in your account a £250 overdraft Many students have a free overdraft facility (=agreement with their bank to have an overdraft up to a particular limit).
Examples from the Corpus
overdraftWhen he left college, he had a $3000 overdraft.Imagine now that a customer of an individual bank applies successfully for an overdraft.As one example, the bank would begin charging interest the day a kibbutz incurred an overdraft.An overdraft offered more flexibility but higher cost.They had been given borrowing and overdraft facilities.I've already got an enormous overdraft.As a result, the groundwater overdraft, instead of being alleviated, has gotten worse.I want to go on farming, but I will have to see if my overdraft can take it.Answer guide: The cash is needed in the business, see overdraft situation, it will need to be left in.Keep within the limit and you will not pay the penalties that come with unauthorised overdrafts.overdraft facilityThe company had agreed an overdraft facility with the bank that by December 1986 had been raised to £40,000.Mr. Tucker agreed to allow an overdraft facility of £60,000 for one month.This has implications for free banking and overdraft facilities.They had been given borrowing and overdraft facilities.We also provide interest free overdraft facilities in the first year of study.You may want a permanent overdraft facility.As the overdraft facility is used, however, two things begin to happen simultaneously.When the overdraft facility is fully used, the composition of assets will have changed.