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PINPIN /pɪn/ (also PIN number) noun [countable]  BFB (personal identification number) a number that you use when you get money from a machine using a plastic card
Examples from the Corpus
PINAs a value for money sire he has a PIN index ranking of £54 and a semen cost of £15 a straw.The chamber doors are available motorised and PIN security protection is provided.A gang of up to five youths held her prisoner forcing her to reveal her PIN number.You must destroy the notification of PIN sent to you by us.One victim is a city housewife who revealed the PIN number of her husband's account.The PIN for this lock is then given to the person who is authorised to collect the key.And not only would that help the battle against fraud ... it would end for ever the embarassment of forgetting your PIN number.Your PIN can be changed as often as you like.