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breakbreak2 ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 stop working [countable] a period of time when you stop working in order to rest, eat etc We’ll have a short break for lunch, then start again at two o'clock. Let’s take a ten-minute break. We’d worked for ten hours without a break. I’ll go shopping during my lunch break.2 stop doing something [countable] a period of time when you stop doing something before you start againbreak from I wanted a break from university life. She decided to take a career break when she had children.break in a welcome break in my normal routine3 holiday [countable] a short holiday I was beginning to feel that I needed a break. We flew off for a week’s break in Spain. They’re offering weekend breaks in Paris for only £100.the Easter/Christmas etc break Are you looking forward to the summer break?4 at school [uncountable] the time during the school day when classes stop and teachers and students can rest, eat, play etcat break I’ll speak to you at break. They get together with their friends at break time.5 on tv [countable] a pause for advertisements during a television or radio programme Join us again after the break. We’ll be back with more after a short break. 6 something stops happening [countable] a period of time when something stops happening before it starts againbreak in We’ll go for a walk if there’s a break in the rain. Latecomers will be admitted at a suitable break in the performance. She waited for a break in the conversation. There was no sign of a break in the weather (=an improvement in bad weather).7 END/CHANGEend a relationship [singular]FINISH/COME TO AN END a time when you leave a person or group, or end a relationship with someone I wanted a clean break so that I could restart my life. It was years before I plucked up enough courage to make the break and leave him.break with He was beginning to regret his break with the Labour Party.8 A SPACEspace/hole [countable]SPACE/GAP a space or hole in somethingbreak in We crawled through a break in the hedge. The sun shone through a break in the clouds.9 A CHANCEchance [countable] informalCHANCE/OPPORTUNITY a sudden or unexpected chance to do something that allows you to become successful in your job There are hundreds of young musicians out there looking for their first break. He got his first big break in 1998. a lucky break10 BROKEN PLACEbones [countable]INJURE the place where a bone in your body has broken It’s quite a bad break, which will take several months to heal. 11 TENNIStennis [countable]DST a situation in a game of tennis in which you win a game when your opponent is starting the game by hitting the ball first She really needs a break of serve now if she wants to win this match.12 POINTSsnooker [countable]DSB the number of points that a player wins when it is their turn to hit the ball in a game such as snooker13 break with tradition/the past14 make a break for something15 give me/it a break!16 give somebody a break17 the break of dayCOLLOCATIONSverbshave/take a breakAfter two hours, she took a break and switched on the radio.need a breakI’m sorry, I can’t do any more - I need a break.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + break a short/quick breakShall we have a quick five-minute break?a lunch breakWhat time’s your lunch break?a coffee/tea breakHow about a coffee break?a morning/afternoon breakI don’t usually have time for a morning break.a well-earned break (=one that you deserve)Everyone’s looking forward to a well-earned break when the exams are over.
Examples from the Corpus
breakThere had been barely a break in their conversation as they hopped the rocks.I spoke to him briefly during a break in rehearsals.Gary wants to work in television. He's just waiting for a break.Some agencies are particularly keen to attract nurses who have had a break in practice and provide reorientation for new staff.After finishing school, Craig felt he needed a break from studying.Gonzales needs a break of serve to even the match up.Can you take a break next month?There was a break of two years between his last book and this one.Some new networks can heal themselves when a break occurs, without any involvement from a repairman.Harry had worked for eight hours without a break.Could you come and see me during afternoon break?Come and see me at break, Tom.Nimoy's big break in television came in the mid-'60s, when he won the role of Spock on "Star Trek."The students get a few days' break in February.Seeing that advertisement in the paper was a lucky break for me.Superior Court Judge Hiroshi Fujisaki abruptly called for an early lunch break.I'll phone you in my lunch break.The children have a fifteen-minute break at 11 o'clock.She returned to her job after a six-month break.Daytona Beach is preparing for the thousands of college students who will arrive for spring break.OK, let's run through it again straight after the break.But when one came it was on the break, Tovalieri getting Bari's third.The break has not healed correctly.During those breaks tea was brewed over Bunsen burners, and he sat back and answered questions.She's had a two-year break from competitive running, but now she's staging a comeback.lunch breakThen we had a lunch break during which time the Head went round and awarded marks for the cleanest class.More volunteers would also allow the workers simple pleasures like a lunch break without feeling guilty.Superior Court Judge Hiroshi Fujisaki abruptly called for an early lunch break.I timed it so I caught Stu on his lunch break.After all, the 27-year-old farm worker fully intended to return to work when his 30-minute lunch break was over.I rang Joy and Alan, who came immediately and stayed, apart from a quick lunch break, all day.Oh, they had a little fun trapping regents going to the bathroom during the lunch break.Zaza and Fiona were discussing their plans to visit Top Shop in their lunch break.career breakI took up a position in a university library after a career break.It has been written to meet the needs of those returning to work after a career break.It is vital that the education system should attract back women who have taken a career break to raise a family.But despite all the bonhomie about career breaks in the Nogales maquilas, Colantuoni says one thing is clear.We already encourage job-shares, part-time working and career breaks and we are introducing home working.His next big career break came about almost by accident.Employers who do not offer career breaks and childcare facilities may find themselves passed over in favour of employers who do.the Easter/Christmas etc breakOf course, no day is typical and there are particular tensions which emerge in the few weeks before the Christmas break.Before the Christmas break it became apocalyptic.Adam was nineteen and in his first year at university, though at that time at home for the Easter break.Thomas Cook is to launch a £1m campaign to encourage late bookers to travel over the Easter break.For Armagh it's crucial they build on a series of heart-warming displays since the Christmas break.To emphasise the message, ministers have been told to spend the Easter break in Britain rather than holidaying overseas.Everything was A-Okay until the Christmas break.A Forte spokesperson says the launch of the Heritage campaign is timed to coincide with the Easter break.break timeWhat should happen to helpers at break times?Important parts of the job could be carried out at break times or through telephone calls.The selling of sugar free squash at break times provides a service appreciated by children and also generates a regular income.Oh, looks like it's coffee break time - again.Royal watchers say the 47-year-old prince recognizes it is make or break time for him personally.And the break time in between has been cut from 1 minute, 30 seconds to 50 seconds.Should they have their break times in the staff rooms or is this an intrusion into staff freedom?break in the weatherTaking advantage of a brief break in the weather, people covered the fountain.The break in the weather made it easier for everyone.break withThe ceremony is a complete break with tradition.This ruling represents a major break with the policies of the past 35 years.lucky breakIt might be a lucky break.Outside Nordhausen he had a lucky break.Key events included radical job changes and serious problems, as well as lucky breaks.Ace thought that was another suspiciously lucky break, but she had no complaints.He wouldn't be getting much sleep over the next few days unless they got a very lucky break.break of serveNo surprise breaks of serve, no marathon games.