1 noun
cen‧tre1 S1 W1 British English ; center American English


[countable usually singular] the middle of a space, area, or object, especially the exact middle
in the centre (of something)
There was an enormous oak table in the center of the room.
The hotel is right in the centre of the village.
centre of
Draw a line through the centre of the circle.
lines radiating out from the centre
chocolates with soft centres


[countable]TBB a building which is used for a particular purpose or activity
centre for
the European Centre for Nuclear Research
an exhibition at the Community Arts Centre

place of activity

[countable] a place where there is a lot of a particular type of business, activity etc
It's not exactly a cultural center like Paris.
centre of/for
The city became a centre for the paper industry.
a center of academic excellence (=a very good place for education)

of a town

[countable] British English the part of a town or city where most of the shops, restaurants, cinemas, theatres etc are [= downtown American English]
town/city centre
shops in the town centre
the main route into Leeds city centre


be at the centre of something

if a person or thing is at the centre of something that is happening, they are involved in it more than other people or things:
He always seems to be at the centre of things.
be at the centre of a row/dispute/controversy etc
the businessman at the centre of the row over political donations

be the centre of attention

to be the person that everyone is giving attention to:
Betty just loves being the centre of attention.

be/take centre stage

if something or someone is centre stage, they have an important position and get a lot of attention:
After his father's death, he was able to rise to power and take centre stage.


the centre

PPG a moderate (=middle) position in politics in which you do not support extreme ideas:
The party's new policies show a swing towards the centre.
left/right of centre
Her political views are slightly left of centre.
a centre-left government


[countable]DSB a player in sports such as football and basketball who plays in or near the middle of the field or playing area:
the Sonics' six-foot-four-inch center
centre forward/half/back etc (=players in different parts of the middle section of the playing area)

centre of population/urban centre

an area where a large number of people live:
Nuclear installations are built well away from the main centres of population.

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