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doubledouble2 ●●● S3 W3 noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 twice the size [countable, uncountable]INCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT something that is twice as big, as much etc as usual or as something else πŸ”Š Scotch and water, please – make it a double. πŸ”Š β€˜They offered me Β£10,000.’ β€˜I’ll give you double.’2 room [countable] a room for two people in a hotel β†’ single πŸ”Š A double costs $95 a night.3 β†’ doubles4 baseball [countable]DSB a hit in baseball which allows the batter to reach second base πŸ”Š Walker led the inning with a double.5 β†’ somebody’s double6 in films [countable]AMF an actor who takes the place of a more famous actor in a film, especially because the acting involves doing something dangerous πŸ”Š I think they used a double in the shower scene.7 β†’ at the double8 β†’ double or quits
Examples from the Corpus
doubleβ€’ Double success at Engineering Two awards in quick succession have earned Courtaulds Engineering a gratifying safety double.β€’ Goodrich worked as a double for John Wayne.β€’ Rooms cost $95 for a double.β€’ Had the ball landed, Johnson had a double or perhaps his fifth triple.β€’ Hrbek led the inning with a double.β€’ Three whiskeys, please - two singles and one double.β€’ Caroline is virtually her mother's double.β€’ a stunt doubleβ€’ Southern League Champions, Oxford are after the double.β€’ If you roll two doubles for distance then the horses collapse with exhaustion and the model is removed from the battle.