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double in Baseball topic

doubledouble2 ●●● S3 W3 noun  1 twice the size [countable, uncountable]INCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT something that is twice as big, as much etc as usual or as something else Scotch and water, please – make it a double. ‘They offered me £10,000.’ ‘I’ll give you double.’2 room [countable] a room for two people in a hotelsingle A double costs $95 a night.3 doubles4 baseball [countable]DSB a hit in baseball which allows the batter to reach second base Walker led the inning with a double.5 somebody’s double6 in films [countable]AMF an actor who takes the place of a more famous actor in a film, especially because the acting involves doing something dangerous I think they used a double in the shower scene.7 at the double8 double or quits
Examples from the Corpus
doubleDouble success at Engineering Two awards in quick succession have earned Courtaulds Engineering a gratifying safety double.Goodrich worked as a double for John Wayne.Rooms cost $95 for a double.Had the ball landed, Johnson had a double or perhaps his fifth triple.Hrbek led the inning with a double.Three whiskeys, please - two singles and one double.Caroline is virtually her mother's double.a stunt doubleSouthern League Champions, Oxford are after the double.If you roll two doubles for distance then the horses collapse with exhaustion and the model is removed from the battle.